Our Values


Turning into the integral managing partner for the logistics and purchases in all kinds of our customers’ operations, so that they see Black Bull Group as an extension of themselves.


We at Black Bull Group are aware of the level of confidentiality needed to work in this sector, and that is why we have security protocols implemented in all departments, so that our customers feel safe and protected when providing us with information.

These security protocols are implemented in all levels of every phase of the mission to guarantee that no confidential information will ever be disclosed to the market, while, at the same time, offering a comprehensive coverage and support service to our customers. Provided the times in which we live, any inadequate handling of data could lead to a threat and compromise the integrity of our customers.

The flexibility offered by Black Bull Group to our customers is one of the main advantages, since we have a great level of adaptability in a sector where most companies have structures that would not allow a quick response or even nimbly change their way of working to solve an emergency situation.

The basis of Black Bull Group reputation in the market are professionalism, commitment and versatility, which make our company the perfect reliable partner thanks to the abilities and experience our staff possess.