Our Network

Our geographic location has been strategically chosen in order to provide our customers with better services and support.

Having our Headquarters in Spain allows us to give support in terms of land logistics, since we are really close to the ports with higher throughput volumes/transfers in all Europe –Algeciras, Barcelona and Valencia. Africa bound traffic relies on our hubs in Tangier and the Canary Islands, where we also coordinate embarkations/shipments to America. From there on, our office in Brazil comes into action.

Airports such as the ones in Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville and Morón have a large volume of technical stopovers for flights from or to America, which enables us to provide an excellent support to all logistics and security services that are required by specific airplanes. We cover the needs of diplomatic and military flights, as well as those of commercial and freight ones.

In the maritime domain, our network of ports, Short-Sea links and rail network give us the best option to render first-class assistance for multi modal transportation in any given area of the Iberian Peninsula and its international connections.

Africa and Middle East operations are coordinated from our office in Egypt, which keeps a direct connection with the relevant authorities and is fully backed by the Suez Canal Authority.

Thanks to our office in Abu Dhabi, we ensure that the whole logistic chain is sheltered under our supervision in all the countries of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates being the main recipient of our activities.

Singapore accommodates our Operations Hub in the Far East. The high volume of maritime traffic, bunker supplies, flights, etc., make this location the ideal choice to monitor the area’s logistic operations and to give the fastest and most efficient solutions to any problems the contingents operating in the area may encounter.

In addition to these offices, Black Bull Group has personnel working in the areas where our customers are deployed, so that they can always find a member of our team nearby whenever necessary.