Our Experience

We at Black Bull Group defend from the offset that the basis for growth can be found in the company’s most important asset: our human capital.

All of us in the company have extensive and diverse experience in different areas and in different countries all over the world where we have worked, always in relation to logistics, security and the military field. Thanks to this experience, we always offer our clients various solutions on every possible scenario they could be facing, so that they can choose the one that fits best their needs.

In order to promote this experience, all staff follow a constant training program on technological tools, shipping and handling specific instruction and even languages. This policy of constant improvement for our employees is applied in all our offices in the world, which helps our personnel to be increasingly more competent and versatile, and better qualified.

On this basis, we at Black Bull Group have been able to develop our activities in the most diverse fields, achieving a high level of excellence never seen before. Thinking proactively and especially empathetically has helped us to offer innovative solutions in the field for our customers’ members deployed on five continents.

Either by land, air or sea, we have made available all those resources to those who hire us, offering support in all kinds of civil and military operations, and special emphasis given in the control of the flow of information and in the scope to solve compromising situations as fast and satisfactorily as possible.

This experience, along with the novel approach we have implemented in the Company have allowed us to experience a development and business growth level seldom seen in the sector, always taking as our premise the well-being and welfare of our customers.

We at Black Bull Group do take great care in the professional development of our staff: we put at their disposal a number of resources that help all members of the organisation being motivated, which as a result has a direct impact on the quality of their work and the well-being of our customers. We believe that having a solid and well motivated team as well as a low level of turnover are keys to keep our customers’ trust and being capable of learning from our experiences. We are always focused on continuous improvement.