Relationship management among the ships, port authorities and foreign military stations in every country to offer a 24/7 support in international missions piracy, maneuvers and peace surveillance missions. Contingency plans implementation upon the different scenarios the crew might be facing.

Supplies and full logistics management applied to floating and fix platforms to cover all the requirements both, in international waters and at port. Monitoring oceanographic vessels immersed in scientific expeditions in remote regions or difficult-to-reach areas.


Ship husbandry services guaranteeing the best and most secure berth points, logistically optimized and with the best local agent network.

Fuels and Lubricants

Guaranteed quality fuels and lubs providers all around the world.

Supplies and provisions

Supplies and provisions providers for the personnel onsite.

Security measures

Security measures providers to guarantee the safety of our customers: protecting barriers, 24h surveillance, K-9 service, wáter protection, etc...

Spare parts

Special urgent protocol for immediate deliveries.


One only POC for all your needs. Always.

Crew Changes

Fully management of crew changes, visas, accommodation, flights, and other services.

Integrated Logistics Operator

Material, equipment and all type of cargoes shipment, logistics and monitoring services.