Meticulous analysis of the mission and subsequent roll out of logistics and maintenance for international projects and missions, helping to achieve the targets beyond the detected setbacks on the way. We work as a link between the different players. We are experts in special projects and inverse logistics all around the world including distant regions.

Reverse Logistics

Whether regarding a full camp or a specific unit, including the management of the excess of material local sales in order to improve transport costs.


We design a-la-carte logistic plans adapted to our customers’ needs.

Special request

Fully worldwide logistics coordination for any material or equipment.

Fuel and Lubricants

Guaranteed quality fuels and lubs providers all around the world.

Supplies and provisions

Supplies and provisions providers for the personnel onsite.

Security consultancy

We provide with information to our customers, so they are able to take decisions about security measures. We also coordinate the services on their behalf: protecting barriers, 24h surveillance, K-9 service, water protection, etc...

Spare parts

Special urgent protocol for immediate deliveries.


Only one POC for all your needs. Always.